P & S Rules of the Road

Those failing to obey the rules will be asked to leave the train or the P & S property.


  • Please don't walk on the track or pick up gravel along the railroad.

Riding Rules

  1. Always face forward and REMAIN SEATED at all times.
  2. Please DO NOT ROCK the cars.
  3. Keep hands, legs, and feet inside the car at all times.
  4. DO NOT reach out to touch anything along the track.
  5. DO NOT lean out to take photos--take them while off the train.
  6. Remain seated until the train has come to a complete STOP and your engineer or conductor has given the okay to get off.


  1. All trains need front and rear lights for night running.
  2. All trains should have a flashlight, a whistle, (in case your horn doesn't work), and we suggest a fire extinguisher. Never know!!
  3. All trains should have a radio and spare batteries.