The P & S RR is a 7.5-inch gauge riding railroad operated by a group of railroading friends in Northwest Florida.

NOTICE: This site is WAY behind the latest information from the Chief Engineer (Paul K.) who provides an update at least weekly.

Please contact Tom Browder, webmaster (see Contacts below), if you watch this site regularly and want it kept more up-to-date. The lack of feedback by group members is one reason for the lack of maintenance.

News Flashes

See the "Coming Events" page for important dates.

Phase three track construction is finished (see the 23 and 28 Feb; 7, 14, 15, 22, and 28 Mar; and 4 Apr reports in 2015)!.

Latest P & S Newsletter: 2016-06-11


The header on this page is animated: the loco and cars repeatedly enter from the left and exit to the right, with the loco wheels turning and the side rods moving. To see the motion, you need to be using a modern web browser like Google Chrome. Note that Internet Explorer (up through version 11) will NOT let you see the animation. I use Google's free browser, and I recommend it for this (and all other) sites. Get it from here: (Chrome download).

I am just beginning my experimentation with digital animation and have great plans for embellishing the scene such as: properly moving side and connecting (main) rods and other steam engine parts, steam exhaust sounds, smoke puffs, more scenery, more train cars, more locos, crossing signals, etc. (ideas welcome). To enjoy (or critique) the changes, you will need Chrome.

If you have a car or loco running on the P & S that you want me to add to the scene, I will need either a scale drawing or a good, close-in photo to work from. Having a plain, light-colored background is helpful for photos (hanging a white sheet behind the car should work). A photo needs to be taken as close as possible to a 90-degree side-on view, with no horizontal or vertical tilt (a tripod is very helpful for such shots). I will also need an accurate measurement of at least one visible horizontal and one vertical dimension (your choice of units), e.g,, rail-top to cab top, front axle to rear axle. Exact colors are very helpful (preferably in RGB hex format). See this site for some colors and their RGB codes. I also need the design scale of the car or loco if known. The loco in the current scene has 50-inch diameter drivers, and other dimensions are scaled from that.


  • Paul M. Karczewski (car-chess-skee): for more information on the railroad.
  • Webmaster Tom Browder: for corrections or suggested improvements to this site.